Brunetti Cafe


Wednesday 29 February 2012
Statement for Epicure “Espresso”

Brunetti café is moving back to its original home and will be located at 380 Lygon Street, Carlton from mid 2012.

Brunetti first traded as a little Pasticceria on Lygon Street in 1974 and was relocated to Faraday Street in 1985 due to the development of Lygon Court. Now, Brunetti have secured the prime site, formerly occupied by Borders, allowing them to expand to satisfy their ever growing clientele and importantly, return to their original site.

The new Brunetti Carlton caf é w ill be world class – a truly authentic roman Pasticceria that will rival the finest cafés in Rome and Paris. Invoking the Italian tradition of passeggiata, a gentle stroll throughout your favourite piazza, patrons will experience a sense of theatre and movement that revolves around the centre bar at the heart of the space.

Stepping inside the new Brunetti café will offer a sense of spaciousness and grandeur, and yet the design also allows for an intimate feel with seating arranged for easy conversation and a flowing design that never feels crowded.

The move will introduce a whole new range of products and beautiful open spaces that will include a Pizzeria that will feature their specialist Pizzaiolo creating traditional pizza in a wood fired oven that has been specially imported from Italy and cooks pizzas to perfection using state of the art technology with a rotating interior.

An open kitchen will also bring a sense of excitement and flair, allowing a clear view of the chefs in action preparing delicious meals including pasta and breakfasts. A traditional Gelatieri (ice cream maker) will also present a stunning insight into his craft through the viewing windows.

Brunetti has become an iconic part of Melbourne and a favourite destination for locals and international and interstate visitors for delicious Italian style coffee from the Bar, cake from the Pasticceria, gelato or tempting savoury from the Paninoteca.

In April 2005 a second Brunetti café opened in Melbourne’s City Square, followed by Camberwell (October 2007), Fitzroy (July 2010) and Brunetti Myer Melbourne (October 2010).

The decision to open their first international café was a significant point for the business and the opportunity to open a Brunetti café in the stunning Dubai Mall in 2010 was a huge success. The latest Brunetti café in Singapore in Tanglin Mall is now a proud addition and is already capturing the hearts of the local and ex-pat community with their authentic Italian style coffee, cakes and gelato.

Now, Melbourne is set to fall passionately in love with the stylish, sophisticated and delectable Brunetti café at Lygon Court, on Lygon Street Carlton – Melbourne’s finest Italian café.